CM Project Advisors provides oversight, project management and coordination of a construction or design project from the Owner’s perspective. It is to act as an extension of the Owner or liaise from the Owner to a designer and a contractor.  Although some Owners have the time to self-manage a project, others choose to have a professional, with the day to day acumen, provide quality project management. We provide the management of design and construction.  An Owner’s representative brings an idea or concept to perspective through proper management of a designer and a contractor.  The production of drawings and documents are prepared by a designer or a design team and reviewed by the Owner’s representative with an estimated scope of work and time schedule that can control that concept into an accomplishment.  Any project whether in residential, commercial or interior spaces, the management is the nuts and bolts of taking the concept into reality. Owner representatives reveal all detail to the Owner by gathering every piece of information and creating an overview of the project, with a sound financial plan in place.  Projects that need design, also require quality management.  Is the design heading in the right direction?  Does the designer have too much design latitude or not enough?  Who understands the procedure needed to make the design materialize? In the design or pre-construction stage, the Owner has to be assured the design is on point with the concept.  We create an estimate of costs in the early stages of concept design, called an Order of Magnitude estimate. The estimate will reveal the reality of the concept design. Moving ahead with an acceptable estimate and concept design documents, can validate the continuance of the next stage, design development and material selection. Owner representatives also review contracts for the designer and contractors. We deliver a complete project management plan to move forward after an agreed budget and substantial design documents are completed.  Our purpose is to minimize cost increases, budget adjustments, proposed changes, schedule changes, time extensions and resolve any problems or questions that arise. As part of our duties, we will review Drawings and Specifications for constructability and reveal any difficulties or delays.  We will monitor the Project by reviewing Contractor’s schedule to perform their work in a timely manner and advise the Owner of potential risk(s) of time delays from the Contractor. The standard steps of a project scheduled for construction: Pre-construction phase:

  1. Review constructability and make suggestions or changes that could improve the design (value engineer) or reduce their costs, and or reduce the schedule duration.
  2. Advise Owner concerning appropriate construction delivery methods, including advantages and disadvantages of construction management, separate prime contractors, sequenced bid packages, fast-track and design-build for some or all components of the Project.
  3. Consult with Owner/Architect on site evaluation activities, obtaining soil reports and studies; environmental review if needed; assist in filing permits;
  4. Conduct pre-bid conferences to familiarize bidders with the bid documents and any special or unique systems, materials or methods.
  5. Assist / create Bid packages for the Contractors, review Contract sample agreements.
  6. Recommend a mobilization schedule with temporary facilities, equipment, materials & storage areas.
  7. Conduct pre-award conferences with each successful respondent for a Project construction contract, advise Owner regarding the negotiation of business terms of each Project construction contract, and advise Owner on the acceptability of Contractor for the Project.

Construction phase:

  1. Advise on Logistics, Constructability review, neighboring properties identification.
  2. Review and comment all scope of work items with a schedule of values for payments to Contractor(s).
  3. Oversee and monitor progress of the project construction with regular site visits to assist the Owner in maintaining the project schedule and for quality monitoring purposes.
  4. Schedule, attend, conduct, record, and assist the Owner at all Project meetings including without limitation meetings with the Architect, Contractor or Consultants.
  5. Monitor shop drawing review process. Promote timely turnaround of submittals by Designers as well as Vendors and Contractors with oversight resolution of any conflicts uncovered during this process.

Post-Construction: Complete the final close-out of the Project by (i) obtaining, or causing the Contractor to obtain, all government approvals required for the legal use and occupancy of the Project, (ii) obtaining all warranties, guarantees, bonds, insurance certificates, installation manuals, and other items required pursuant to the Project construction contracts, (iii) obtaining all affidavits, waivers, and releases the Contractors are required to provide pursuant to the Project construction contacts to achieve final completion of the Project, (iv) analyzing all claims (including change order disputes and other claims for extra compensation) asserted by the Contractors and the Architect, (v) collecting and/or otherwise resolving any and all back-charge claims that Owner may assert against any Architect or Contractors, including assistance with any legal proceedings instituted by Owner and/or any Architect or Contractor, and/or (vi) representing Owner at meetings and/or inspections scheduled by Owner and held to resolve problems relating to design, physical condition or operation of the Project to seek enforcement of warranties. Other Services:

  • Scheduling, Construction Cost Estimating, and Cost Controls.
  • Reports, weekly and/or monthly containing status of the Project, comparison of the Project budget to costs incurred through the date, Project schedule to the work actually completed through the date, summary of change orders, pending and approved, the status of any governmental requirements and activities.
  • Assist and review the processing of change orders.
  • Review applications for payment by the Contractor.
  • Daily log review containing the number of workers, equipment, work accomplished, problems encountered and other relevant data as the Owner may require.
  • Review of Contractor record drawings or, if required by the applicable Project construction contract, “as-built” drawings, as construction progresses. Together with the Architect and Owner, Owner’s Representative shall monitor and observe the testing and start-up of all utilities, systems and equipment for the Project.

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